Illustration Friday: Tornado

Illustration Friday: TornadoAs soon as I saw this week’s Illustration Friday topic, I immediately thought of a Wizard of Oz themed drawing. (I’m sure lots of other people did, too!) My dad’s side of the family is from Kansas, and when I was a kid, we’d take trips there, usually during spring break. On one of my trips, the souvenir I brought back was a tornado in a jar. I thought it was the coolest thing. I remember bringing it to school on one of our show and tell days. Not only did I have a tornado in a jar, but my grandma was named Dorothy and she lived in Kansas! (I distinctly remember telling this story to the class.) But she didn’t have a dog named Toto. She and my grandpa had a dog named Tiny instead.

I had that tornado in a jar for quite awhile, at least until the bottom started to rust out and chunks started to float around in the liquid. I’d pretend they were tumbleweeds, but they did look pretty gross. So the tornado in a jar had to be thrown out. But I’ll always have fond memories of that tornado in a jar and the Wizard of Oz.

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