Happy Pi Day!

Mmm. Pie.

Look at this glorious pie.

I like pie. I like pie a lot. (And before this turns into a pie versus cake debate, I also like cake. Controversial, I know.) I’m a big fan of homemade cherry pie. But I also love me a good savory pie. I have nice memories of walking around Sydney Harbour while eating a chicken curry pie. I think pies that you can hold in your hand and eat without any plates or utensils are wonderful creations. Why do we not have more pies like this?

I’ve tried Peasant Pies in San Francisco, and their wee little pies were adorable. Their flavors were pretty delicious. The pies were small enough that you could get two or three wee savory pies and call it a meal. But they weren’t like the Aussie pie that I’d had such fond memories of.

And then last October I went on a trip back east, and I got to visit Proper Pie Co. in the Church Hill area of Richmond, Virginia. That is where glorious looking pie above came from. I believe it was a chicken, leek, and mushroom pie. And it was wonderful. When I dream about savory pies (what, you don’t dream about savory pies?), this is what I’m thinking of. The crust was flaky. The filling was delicious. You could hold it in your hands and drop crumbs down the front of your shirt. It was perfect. Writing about it now is making me sad that I can’t just hop in the car and get another one right now. Proper Pie Co.’s lineup of pies is constantly changing. I looked at the lineup they served today on their Facebook page, and I just made myself hungry. (Sorry, granola bar I just ate. You are no pie.)

Since I was trying a savory pie, I also had to try a sweet slice, too.

Mmm. More pie.

Look at this glorious pie posing in front of Libby Hill Park

Behold. A slice of Mixed Berry Streusel pie. And it, too, was wonderful. The tartness of the berries mixed nicely with the sweet streusel topping. And if I’m going to be honest, I have a weakness for streusel. And pie.

So if you’re in the Richmond area, you should check out when Proper Pie Co. is open and pick up a savory pie. For me. Eat it in my honor or something. At least until I can get there again.

Happy Pi day, everyone.

(Pie, you are so delicious. I heart you.)

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