San Francisco Giants Fan Fest 2016

Giants Fan Fest 2016

That’s a lot of people.

I realize it’s taken me almost a month to post these photos. I’m all about providing timely internet content. We’ll call this post a Throwback Thursday of sorts. Throwing it all the way back to February 13th when I decided once again to give up any sense of personal space and attend Fan Fest. It’s a tradition, really, even if I do find myself questioning my life choices every single year when I’m standing “in line” (aka a gigantic mob of people with no sense of a line whatsoever) waiting to get into the ballpark. It is nice to be back at the ballpark, and I do enjoy listening to the Q&A sessions with the players, and so I go. Every year.

The weather this year was lovely. Seeing that I’m writing this on a dreary rainy day (WHAT UP, EL NIÑO?!?), looking at pictures of clear blue sky and sunshine seems extra nice. Like I said before, it was nice to be back at the ballpark, even if it did make me want real, actual baseball RIGHT THAT SECOND.

I arrived at the ballpark about fifteen minutes before the gates opened, and of course, there were SO MANY PEOPLE. I took my place in the mob of people by the Seals Plaza gate and waited. By the time I got inside the park, I think the gates had been open for twenty minutes or so and most of the lines were gone. This is where I make a mental note to myself: Self, if you arrive a little after ten o’clock, you can probably still get inside the park next time with the added bonus of not having to wait in a mob of people.

Since I like listening to the player Q&A sessions, I made my way up to the Club Level. By arriving later, I do always miss out on any chance of actually being able to sit down during these things, but that is the sacrifice I make, because I really like sleep. A lot. I did get up to the Club Level in time to see a good portion of the Q&A session with Javier Lopez, Hunter Pence, and Brandon Belt though. Even if I had to take pictures from the side and artfully shoot around people’s heads. I won’t go into details about what they talked about, because well, this happened almost a month ago. Other people have written about Fan Fest, and odds are you’ve read the details already. You’re just here to look at pictures anyway, not read about me trying to remember what happened almost a month ago. #throwbackthursday

Javier Lopez, Hunter Pence, Brandon BeltJavier Lopez, Hunter Pence, Brandon BeltJavier Lopez, Hunter Pence, Brandon BeltJavier Lopez, Hunter Pence, Brandon BeltJavier Lopez, Hunter Pence, Brandon Belt

Hunter Pence

You could say I was taking a picture of Hunter Pence giving an inspirational speech, but really, this picture is here because look at that hair.

The crowd usually thins out between sessions, so I attempted to move around and find a spot where I wouldn’t have as many artsy shots framed by people’s hands holding cell phones or iPads. Please, please, please, don’t be that person who pushes their way into a crowd and then holds their iPad in front of everyone’s faces because you just want to get one twenty photos. Before I knew it, it was time for the next session! It was also time for two women in front of me, who were probably old enough to be my mother, to nearly throw down due to lack of personal space boundaries. Fan Fest, it is intense. This was also the Q&A session where the Red Sox fan waited and waited to ask Bruce Bochy if he’d take Pablo Sandoval back. I know the guy waited and waited because he was also one of the people in front of me with his hand raised almost the whole time. All of these things made photo taking a bit tricky. I am up for the challenge! Kind of.

Brandon Crawford

Had to get a picture of Brandon Crawford’s man bun.

Joe Panik

Hello, Joe.

Joe PanikBrandon Crawford

Brandon Crawford, Bruce Bochy, Joe Panik

GROUP PHOTO! [Bochy noises]

At this point, I was getting a little tired of the crowd, but Buster Posey was up on the next Q&A session. So I held my ground and tried to preserve my tiny bit of personal space for one more session. I did manage to have enough space around me for this one to have less arms and heads in my way, so that meant more pictures!

Denard Span

Hello, Denard Span.

Denard Span

This is Denard Span getting caught taking cell phone videos while Buster Posey is talking.

Denard Span


Matt Duffy

Hello, Matt Duffy.

Buster Posey


Buster Posey

Just in case you needed a photo of Buster Posey laughing in your life, here it is.

Buster PoseyMatt DuffyMatt DuffyBuster Posey

After this session, I got tired of having elbows jammed into my back, so I decided to walk around. I was about to buy some lunch when I stumbled across a much less crowded Q&A session over on the other side of the Club Level.

So nice of them to have name cards on the table. I don't even need to caption these photos!

So nice of them to have name cards on the table. I don’t even need to caption these photos!

Hello again, Joe.

Hello again, Joe.

Kelby TomlinsonJoe Panik

After eating lunch in the seats on the Club Level (all the while sitting in fear of getting pooped on by seagulls), I wandered around the rest of the ballpark, stopping on the field to check out the free samples. Did I go home with lots and lots of Bigelow tea? I did. Have I run out of tea samples yet? No, I have not. They gave me that much tea. Fan Fest, come to see the baseball players, leave with enough free tea to last you for months.


As much as I’m enjoying listening to spring training webcasts with my tin can and string, I really can’t wait until the regular season starts. SOON. I’ll see you again soon, AT&T Park.

Thanks for joining me on this Throwback Thursday.

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