San Francisco Giants Fan Fest 2015

Fan Fest 2015

Ah, yes. Fan Fest. It happens every year. In February. And as is the custom, I went and took photos. It was only yesterday that I remembered I never posted my Fan Fest photos. It’s only April, right? It’s been nearly two months since all of this stuff happened, but pfffft, no big deal, right? Looking at pictures is always fun anyway. Sure. The Giants are playing at AT&T Park tonight, so this can get you in the mood for baseball or something. You don’t mind. Hooray, pictures!

Usually when I post my Fan Fest photos, I write something about how excited I am about baseball being back and how nice it will be having spring training right around the corner. I suppose I can skip that now, since opening day is on Monday, but I am pretty excited that baseball is back. (MISSED YOU SO BAD, BASEBALL.) As I write this, I’m currently scouring Stubhub, mentally willing the prices on home opener and/or ring ceremony tickets to go down.

But yes, I went to Fan Fest. It was crowded. I went to a few Q&A sessions. I ate some garlic fries. I got a bunch of small bags of Kettle chips for free. I got to walk around on the field. It was fun. Water even fell from the sky for a little bit. I think that’s called rain. I’m not sure. I live in California. I’m pretty sure rain doesn’t exist here anymore.

Travis Ishikawa and Javier Lopez

Javier Lopez with Giants Postseason Legend Travis Ishikawa (pretty sure that’s his full name now)

Travis Ishikawa and Javier LopezTravis Ishikawa and Javier LopezTravis Ishikawa and Javier LopezSergio RomoCasey McGehee

Casey McGehee

Casey McGehee was very good about answering a bunch of questions about how he’ll never be Pablo.

Brandon BeltSergio RomoBrandon Belt

Ryan Vogelson


Ryan Vogelsong

Joe Panik looks slightly terrified here. I just resisted the urge to make a bad Panik pun. Be proud of me.

Matt Cain

Snarky Matt Cain is my favorite. Not that you can get the snark from the photo, but I thought I’d share anyway.

Joe PanikMatt Cain, Joe Panik, Ryan VogelsongJoe Panik

Matt Cain, Joe Panik, Ryan Vogelsong

Say cheese.

Jeremy Affeldt, Tim Hudson, Buster Posey

Buster’s shoes were very bright. #analysis


This segment with Affeldt, Hudson, and Posey was very funny. If you haven’t heard it, I recommend looking it up.

Joe Panik

Was this photo framed by the many heads in the crowd that I was trying to shoot around or is this some special Joe Panik dream sequence? So artsy.

Brandon Crawford and Joe Panik


Brandon Crawford and Joe Panik

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