Magnificent Magnolias


Kodak Medalist II | Ilford FP4+


My baseball photo a day photo project appears to derailed a bit this year. My apologies. Instead please enjoy this photo I took at the end of January of some of the magnolias at the botanical garden in Golden Gate Park. I took it with my favorite new (to me) toy, my Kodak Medalist II. According to the code on the lens, this particular Kodak Medalist was made in 1945, making it seventy-years-old this year. I got the camera in December and shot quite a few rolls of film with it (and got pretty darn good at respooling 120 film on to 620 spools), but I knew the camera was in dire need of service. After all, who knows where’s it been or what it’s seen over the last seventy years? Knowing that the magnolias were blooming early this year because of our warm winter, I packed a bunch of rolls of film in my bag and decided to take the Medalist out for one last spin before sending it off for service. This was probably one of the last shots I took that day. I do love me some black and white film.

Speaking of black and white film, all things retro, and things I love, I can’t stop listening to Leon Bridges! If you haven’t heard of him, you probably will soon. His music is a throwback to the 1960s in the best possible way. I’ve been listening to the three songs he has up on Spotify on a loop over and over. I can only hope he releases more music soon.

See? So good, right? So awesome, right? So, so good.

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