Baseball Photo-a-Day: Electric Boogaloo


It’s that time of year again. February. The middle of winter. (Although it hasn’t quite felt like winter here.) But it’s that period of time when spring training is really, really close, yet baseball season seems really far away all at the same time. Yesterday the Giants held their annual Fan Fest*, and much like last year, I left the ballpark ready for baseball to start. Now. Since it worked pretty well last year, and because I have a whole slew of baseball photos that still haven’t seen the light of day (belated 2015 resolution: be better about posting photos you take during the year you actually take them), I figured I’d count down to opening day by posting a baseball photo every day again. Why not? It’s my blog, after all. (Belated 2015 resolution #2: use your blog more often.)

So to kick things off, here’s a photo I took during a game last April. Pretty sure it was a Sunday (I spy the Giants’ Sunday cap on Brandon Belt over at first base there). An afternoon game against the Indians. The Giants won on a walkoff home run by the forgotten third Brandon, Brandon Hicks. It was a good day.

*Fan Fest photos coming in a future post. I promise to not take weeks to post them.

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