San Francisco Giants Home Opener (April 8, 2014)

Giants Home Opener

When I got myself into the habit of posting a baseball photo a day during spring training, I told myself I was going to get back into the habit of posting photos regularly. I used to be really, really good about it. I’d go out, take a bunch of photos, then come home and often process and post them online the same day. It probably doesn’t help that last summer I decided that I was going to shoot film again, and I was going to save money by scanning everything myself. Months later I’m pretty sure that I haven’t scanned too many of these rolls. Developed, yes. Processed, no. Look for those artsy baseball photos to hit the ol’ internet in 2016 or 2017.

Without talking too much about film (I’m obsessed and could talk about it at length, but I’m sure you probably came here to see baseball photos), over the winter I found a roll of Velvia 100 that I’d bought when I was taking photography classes. It had an expiration date of 12/2008 and had pretty much been sitting forgotten on my shelf for at least that long. I wasn’t sure how good the roll would be or whether the colors would be completely funky. As I was getting ready to head out to the Giants’ home opener, I decided it was as good a day as any to take the roll for a spin. I loaded it into the Elan 7E Andrew had given me for my birthday (thanks, Andrew!) and brought it along with my regular camera. I sent the roll off to North Coast Photo for developing a couple of weeks ago, opting to have them scan it, because otherwise I probably wouldn’t get around to scanning it until 2018. I got the negatives and a CD with my images on it a week later. As you can see from the photo above, that roll of Velvia was just fine. (Hello, Velvia colors, I love you.)

Opening Day


As for the home opener itself, it was great. Perfect weather. Perfect day. Great game. I’d seen Tim Hudson pitch in person before, but it’s so much more fun when he’s actually pitching for your team instead of shutting your team down. The Giants took the lead early and never looked back. Oh, and Bat Kid made an appearance. You can’t beat that. Opening Day

Posting this one (another film shot!) for the giant airplane shadow over the field.

Posting this one (another film shot!) for the giant airplane shadow over the field.

IMG_7230Bat KidMatt Cain and Bat KidIMG_7244Opening DayBrandon BeltBuster PoseyIMG_7255Tim HudsonHunter PenceBrandon CrawfordIMG_727449370028IMG_7283


(All photos in this post were shot with a Canon Elan 7E and Fuji Velvia 100 film or digitally with a Canon 7D.)

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