Baseball Photo a Day: Day Fifty-Seven

2013 Giants Home Opener

2013 Giants Home Opener | April 5, 2013

We did it, you guys. We made it. We made it through the long offseason. We made it through spring training and zillions of exhibition games. It’s Opening Day. The real one in my book, since teams besides the Dodgers get to play real games that count. Finally. A week from tomorrow I’ll be able to go to AT&T Park and take another photo just like this one, and honestly, I can’t wait. More importantly, the Giants are playing in a real game that counts in about an hour and a half. Madison Bumgarner’s first Opening Day start. So excited.

The arrival of Opening Day likely brings my little project of posting a baseball photo a day to a close, but fear not. Now that I’ve gotten into the habit of posting a baseball photo or two regularly, I plan to post more baseball photos more often this year. They might be old photos. There will also be photos from this year, because as always, I plan to try to make it to as many games as I can, and I always take photos. Lots of them.

So hey, go Giants! Baseball is back. Finally.

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