Baseball Photo a Day: Day Fifty-Five

Madison Bumgarner | September 9, 2009

Madison Bumgarner | September 9, 2009

I’m a couple of days late for Throwback Thursday, but I couldn’t resist posting this photo today. I’ve been working on gathering updated work for my website (yes, finally!), and the other night I stumbled across this photo. It’s practically-a-baby Madison Bumgarner. I often like to go to the ballpark early to catch batting practice, but on this day, an afternoon weekday game, there wasn’t any batting practice. Instead as I entered the ballpark with my dad, we noticed one Giant on the field posing for photos. It was the one and only Madison Bumgarner. It’s fun to look at this photo now and think that just the next year he would be pitching (and dominating!) in the World Series. Two years after that, he’d win another World Series ring. When I took this photo, I was just excited to see him out on the field, not even pitching. Now he’s the Giants’ opening day starter!

Speaking of players I was excited to see on the field that day, here’s bullpen catcher, Buster Posey:

Buster Posey | September 9, 2009

Buster Posey | September 9, 2009

I remember spending a lot of time that September hoping to actually get to see Posey play, but having to settle for watching him trot out to the bullpen and warm up pitchers instead. Seeing how things have worked out for Buster since then (two time World Champion, Rookie of the Year, MVP, batting title, catching a perfect game and a no-hitter, etc.), I’d say things turned out pretty well despite not having much playing time that September.

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