One of my favorite recent follows on Twitter has been @Sketch_Dailies. Each weekday morning they post a character prompt and during the day they post a variety of art that people have created based on that prompt. It’s a fun account. The prompts are handy for those days when I can’t think of anything draw. It’s also inspiring to see the wide range of illustration styles from so many different artists. I don’t draw every prompt every day, but usually there is at least one or two prompts a week that I know I have to draw. Yesterday’s prompt, Rapunzel, was definitely one that I knew I had to draw. That hair! So fun!

I liked this one so much that I put it up in my Society6 shop. I think it looks especially neat on an iPhone case.

If you’re into drawing or doodling or you just like finding a bunch of fun art in your Twitter timeline, make sure you give @Sketch_Dailies a follow!

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