Pardon My Dust

I know I re-did the entire layout of my blog relatively recently. My plan at the time was to redo my blog and then move on to finally updating the rest of my website. That was still my plan up until, oh, a few days ago when I stumbled across a couple of fonts that I love. (Have I mentioned my weakness for retro-looking fonts? I’m pretty sure I have.) I thought about the fonts for a bit. I don’t need more fonts. But then I found a good deal for them. I can’t pass up a good deal. So I bought the fonts tonight and immediately started playing with them. Before I knew it, I’d created a new-ish blog layout. (If you happened to stop by tonight, perhaps you noticed that the blog was down for a couple of hours.) I’ve reverted back to the old layout, because the new layout isn’t 100% quite ready for prime time, and I wanted to make sure that I actually slept tonight, so I forced myself to stop playing with Illustrator.

However in playing around with the layout, I tinkered with the widgets of my blog to fit with the new layout. You may or may not notice that a few things are currently missing. The sidebar menu being one of them. My apologies. My menu will return with the new layout. Promise.

In the meantime, here’s a song that I’ve been enjoying lately.

Who knew that “Safety Dance” could sound so moving and beautiful? I did not. Not until I discovered this Sleeping At Last cover and promptly listened to it on a loop about twenty times in a row.

But yes, the new blog layout will debut soon! And until then, please accept my apologies if certain things are missing here and there. They shall return very soon.

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