Baseball Photo a Day: Day Forty-Six

Tim Lincecum

Tim Lincecum | May 17, 2008

Here’s a happy thought. A week from today the Giants will be playing games at AT&T Park again. Yeah, they’ll be exhibition games, but baseball will be back in San Francisco once again. Everything will be right with the world. And so on.

I decided to do a bit of Throwback Thursday with today’s photo. It’s Tim Lincecum from the one and only Photo Day that I’ve ever been to. I’m pretty sure the Giants haven’t done the Photo Day thing since they won the World Series in 2010, which is probably a good thing since I’m sure the line for it would be insane. In 2008 though, the Giants weren’t very good at all. I’d never been to a Photo Day before, and I’d seen some people on the internet talking about how they lined up early to make sure they got in and got good spots. So I showed up a few hours early and waited in what wasn’t a very long line by today’s standards. (People seem to really love waiting in line these days, even for bobbleheads that all 40,000 fans get.)

It was a pretty fun afternoon, mostly because any time you can walk on the field at AT&T Park is pretty fantastic. (The grass! So nice!) I got to see just about all of the players up close and take some photos. I got a high five from Keiichi Yabu (please don’t be jealous). And the very last player to come out and take the trip around the field was the one and only Tim Lincecum. As you might expect, people went absolutely nuts over him. But it was nice to watch him deal with all of the fans. He took his time to smile and pose for photos and high five every single person who wanted a photo or a high five, even if it meant that he was out on the field long after the rest of his teammates.

I’m pretty sure the Giants lost that day, because they lost a lot back then, but Tim Lincecum was pretty great to watch in 2008 (and 2009!), and my one and only Photo Day experience was fun.

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