Baseball Photo a Day: Day Thirty-Three

Sergio Romo

Sergio Romo | July 1, 2012

When I posted a Barry Bonds photo a couple of weeks ago, it reminded me that I’d never posted the rest of the photos that I took that day. It was the 2002 team reunion. I loved that team. I’d taken a brief hiatus from baseball when I was in college, but that’s the team that sucked me right back into baseball. Without that team, would I be posting all of these baseball photos? I don’t know. So when the Giants announced they were having a 2002 team reunion, I knew I had to go. Even better, I knew I had to get good seats for it.

The day before the game the perfect seats popped up on Stubhub. I grabbed them right away. They really were the perfect seats for taking pictures, too. It’s not often that I can take a bunch of photos without worrying about people’s heads getting in the way of the action. I’ll definitely have to post more photos from this game.

(Looking at these photos also makes me want to go to a baseball game. Now. Soon.)

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