San Francisco Giants FanFest 2014

Hello, old friend. So nice to see you again.

Hello, old friend. So nice to see you again.

The Giants held their annual FanFest this past Saturday, and as is my custom, I went. I waited in line. I stood in crowds. I had a nice time.

Personally this offseason has felt like it’s been at least five years long, so it felt good to be back at the ballpark again. I know FanFest isn’t the official start of baseball season, but for me it’s always been the day that my brain officially clicks over from whatever-I-do-in-the-offseason mode to baseball mode. Even if the regular season is still a couple months away, FanFest and February mean that pitchers and catchers report soon, which means baseball activities occur very soon, which means it won’t be long before I can listen to spring training games through the MLB at-bat app and marvel over the fact that Doug Greenwald still tells you to e-mail him at an AOL address. (You used to be able to hear the IM sound during games, too. Technology! And watch, now that I’ve said this in what is becoming a very long parenthetical, the Giants podcasts/broadcast things will be totally different this year.)

But you didn’t click over here to read about me rambling about spring training broadcasts that are ultimately pretty boring, but are something I listen to anyway because baseball (!). You came here for pictures, I’m sure. And I do have pictures! As is my FanFest ritual, as soon as I got into the ballpark, I made my way up to the Club Level to check out the Q&A stage. In some years I’ve stayed up there for the entire time, gradually losing feeling in my feet as I stood for five hours, unable to move because of the crowd. This year I stayed up there for three Q&A sessions before I got tired of my personal space bubble being invaded (reaching around someone and placing your phone in front of their face to take a “quick photo” or two or fifteen isn’t very polite, people) and before the area around the Q&A stage started smelling like a gym (as it inevitably does when a ton of people pack in there). Then I escaped to wander around the ballpark (almost walking into Michael Morse in the process).

FanFest 2014

There were a lot of people at FanFest. #analysis

More pictures!

All in all it was a pretty nice day at the ballpark. I’m pretty ready for baseball season to start right now, but I suppose I can hang in there just a bit longer. I’ll see you again in April, AT&T Park.

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