Baseball Photo a Day: Day Two

Hunter Pence | April 10, 2013

Hunter Pence | April 10, 2013

If I recall correctly, this was a middle of the week day game, something I decided to go to on a whim. The weather was lovely. The Giants had been playing well. Tickets were cheap. Barry Zito was pitching. Wait. What?

Yes, this was back when Barry Zito was pitching, well, like he wasn’t Barry Zito. He still had that streak of wins going back to the second half of 2012 going on. He was also contributing offensively, which was hilarious. I do admit that while I often thought that the Barry Zito era in San Francisco would never end (and I often wished that it would), I will miss Barry Zito at-bats. They were works of art.

But this game was good. Very good.

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