I Am Romantik

Late last year I got invited to join the community of artists at The Kase. If you’re not familiar with The Kase, they sell personalized covers, cases and accessories for mobile devices. They’re primarily based in France, but they’re gradually expanding across the globe. They sell cases both online on their website as well as in physical stores. They recently opened their first store in the United States at the Staten Island Mall in New York.

Today they launched their new collection, just in time for Valentine’s Day, “I Am Romantik.” As I watched their little promo video for it, which you can see above, I was happy to see one of my designs (the fourth case in the video), “Up, Up and Away.” It’s always fun when I see my work anywhere on the internet, but it’s especially fun to see it on actual products. The very idea that someone can go into a shop and buy a case with my work on it and then use that case every day? That’s awesome.

Thank you to anyone who has bought anything with my work on it, by the way. I’m still working on adding more designs, but you can see the creations I’ve uploaded so far on my profile page at The Kase.

On a completely unrelated general housekeeping sort of note, if you’re visiting this blog and you’ve noticed that it looks different, no, your eyes aren’t deceiving you! Not only did I post an update, but I completely changed the design of my blog. Last week I decided to upgrade to ProPhoto 5 (which is awesome by the way), and since I was doing that, I figured I might as well go all out and update my blog design as well. In fact, I’ve gotten so very inspired that I’ve also finally started working on the much needed update to my website overall. I’ve been meaning to switch from a Flash based site to an HTML5 site. I’ve also been meaning to update my work on the site. The stuff that I’ve got up now is great, but most of it is also five or six years old. It’s time for some new, fresh work!

On another general housekeeping note, the Giants held their annual FanFest this past Saturday, and as is the tradition, I went and took photos. I’m sure some of you have dropped by looking for photos. They’re coming soon! Hopefully this week. I’m pretty excited that baseball is coming back. It feels like it’s been a long offseason. I also realize that I have so many baseball photos from last season that I’ve never posted. There are still so many that I still haven’t scanned. (The one drawback to me and film, I suppose.) So to kind of count down until the beginning of baseball season and to get some of those baseball photos posted, I’ve decided to post a baseball photo here a day. Starting today. In an upcoming post. Soon.


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