Buster Posey

Buster Posey | September 29, 2013 | Canon Rebel T2 | Expired Kodak Plus-X 125

Buster Posey | September 29, 2013 | Canon Rebel T2 | Expired Kodak Plus-X 125

I went to the Giants’ last game of the season on Sunday. I like to go to the last game whenever I can. Get one last fix of real live baseball before the long cold winter. As always, I brought my camera with me.

What had started as a one day project where I brought a handful of rolls of film to an afternoon game in early August sort of turned into a rest of the baseball season project. I packed eight rolls of film in my bag on Sunday, thinking I probably wouldn’t use them all. I should have known better. My seats were great. The weather was perfect. (The late afternoon sunlight in the fall is absolutely gorgeous.) The game itself ended up being an incredibly fun ending to a less than perfect season. By the exciting ninth inning I found myself wishing I’d snapped a few less shots earlier in the game. I didn’t want to run out of film before the game ended. I ended up shooting the last frame of my last roll of film just as the last Giants (Hunter Pence and Sergio Romo) were leaving the field after the game, waving to fans.

I’ve only processed the black and white rolls of film. I’m still waiting to get the color film back in the mail. I’ve been scanning the black and white rolls for the last couple of nights. I’ll probably spend the entire offseason scanning the zillions of rolls of film that I’ve shot at games over the last two months, but I figure that will be a way to get a mini baseball fix over the winter. This Buster Posey photo was on the roll that I’m currently scanning. After watching tonight’s pretty terrible MLB playoff games (from a Giants fan’s perspective), I really miss watching this guy play baseball.

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