Giants vs Blue Jays – June 4, 2013

Tim Lincecum

If you follow Giants baseball, you know they haven’t been playing especially inspiring baseball as of late. (That is unless you’re a fan of bad defense, lots of errors and pitching implosions.)  That’s why it was rather refreshing to go to the ballpark on Tuesday night and watch what I consider to be classic Giants baseball, good pitching, good defense and scraping together just enough runs to win. How many times have we seen this type of game over the last few years? So many times. I didn’t realize how much I missed watching this sort of game until, well, I watched a game just like it on Tuesday. Most importantly, it was nice to see Tim Lincecum look like his old self again. Of course I’m not ready to proclaim “HE’S BACK!” just yet, but it certainly was fun to watch Lincecum do awesome Tim Lincecum-like things on the mound again.

But you came here to see some photos, didn’t you? Here you go.

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