More Than a Few Baseball Photos

As I write this, there are still over four hours to go until the first pitch of the very first Giants-Reds NLDS game. This has officially felt like the longest day ever. I love the postseason, because it’s exciting and fun, and this year will be even more exciting and fun because the Giants are involved. At the same time, the postseason, at least when the Giants are part of it, has a tendency to turn me into a nervous, twitchy, jittery wreck. That said, 2010 was the absolute best. It was worth spending a month pacing back and forth and biting off all of my nails for that one exhilarating day in November and the parade two days later.

I’ve been pretty slack when it comes to processing and uploading photos this season. Now that I have a new computer and a brand new copy of Photoshop CS6 (it’s fancy), I have no more excuses. (Except for that whole not enough hours in the day thing.) In an effort to keep myself busy, because there’s no way I’m being productive today, and kill some time before I get ready to head out to the ballpark, I decided to go through some of the photos I’ve taken this season. It’s been a fun season, and I’ve currently got my fingers and toes crossed that the fun will keep going for another month or so.

Let the photo spam in celebration of the 2012 San Francisco Giants begin!

And in case you’re in the mood for more photos from this season, earlier this year I posted FanFest photos, photos from the home opener, and photos from Matt Cain’s perfect game.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go rock back and forth in the corner for a few hours.

(Go Giants.)

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