Illustration Friday: Teacher

Illustration Friday: Teacher

I thought this Illustration Friday theme was perfect for this time of year, since it’s back to school time. Maybe this makes me weird, but when I was a kid (and even when I wasn’t technically a kid anymore), I secretly loved going back to school. It wasn’t that I really loved seeing summer end, because I didn’t, and it wasn’t that I loved going back to homework and studying and books. I just really loved new school supplies. A lot. Picking out a new Trapper Keeper? Maybe a new backpack? Some awesome Lisa Frank folders? Maybe some colorful new Bic pens to match? Awesome. All of it. I even liked bringing my books for the school year home so I could cover them in paper from brown paper grocery bags, mostly because those were fresh new book covers that I could spend the entire school year doodling all over. Of course once the first day of school was over and I actually had to use those books and new school supplies, I wished it was still summer. But for that one day? That stuff was exciting.

So if you’re going back to school this week, good luck! Don’t tell anyone, but I still sort of get excited when I buy a new pen or new notebook. I’m ridiculously cool like that.

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