Illustration Friday: Freeze

Where I live it doesn’t exactly get very warm during the summer time. In fact, it’s not entirely unheard of for me to wear a wool coat to a baseball game if it’s at night during this time of year. We tend to get our nicer, warmer weather during the fall, which is fine by me. I’m already having daydreams about that lovely golden sunlight on those sunny, warm October afternoons, and that slight chill that creeps in as the sun starts to set.

Even though I’m quite likely to wear sweaters during the summer time, it’s still pretty fun to draw decidedly wintry things such as snow in the middle of August. (On that note, how is it nearly the middle of August already?) I don’t live in a place where it snows. I’ve never actually seen snow fall from the sky, at least not that I can remember, but oh how I do love drawing snow. As soon as I saw this week’s Illustration Friday prompt, my head filled with all kinds of delightful icy, snowy scenes. I’m taking this as a sign that perhaps I should start working on some new wintry illustrations for the holiday season. Although after reading a little bit about Disney’s Frozen (coming out next year!), I kind of want to draw Snow Queens.

I also may or may not have listened to “White Winter Hymnal” on a never ending loop as I drew this. Both the original by Fleet Foxes and the cover by Birdy are fantastic.

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