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Hello! Welcome to my (temporary) new (old) blog design. A couple of nights ago as I was getting ready to head to bed for the night, I discovered that my blog had been hacked. This is never ever a fun thing. Fortunately, my very awesome web host was able to fix things up and get my blog back up and running quickly. Since then, however, I noticed that something in my design was off. If you’ve stopped by in the last, oh, 24 to 48 hours, maybe you’ve seen it, too. And by it, I mean huge, ginormous spaces before each photo. I attempted to figure out what was causing the problem, including attempting to rebuild my design from the bottom up (let this be a lesson to always make backups of everything, including finished blog designs). Just when I thought I had the design duplicated, the big giant gaps between photos popped up again.


Because I’m incredibly stubborn, and because I planned to change up my blog design soon anyway, I decided that instead of fighting with my old design, I’d start work on a new design.  This current design isn’t it. It’s merely a design to use for now, which means I just slapped the logo above together in thirty seconds.  I just wanted a functional blog design to use in the mean time.

So welcome! And keep an eye out for a new(er) blog design coming in the near future. While you wait, make sure you back up your blogs. Always.

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