Giants 3, Rockies 2

Before yesterday’s Giants game, I had attended four games at AT&T Park this season, one extremely awesome Matt Cain victory for the home opener and three disappointing losses. I don’t expect that the Giants will win every single game I go to, but it would be nice if they didn’t lose them all either. I love going to see live baseball, but seeing losses? Not as fun. I’ve also found when the Giants lose games, I’m slightly less inclined to want to rush to look through and process the zillions of photos I took that day. Luckily for you, and me, the Giants actually won another game that I attended last night, so today here are some photos from last night’s victory.

Pretty sure the Giants have cornered the market on middle infielders with fabulous hair, no?

I’ve also posted these photos and a bunch more over in my Zenfolio gallery. I’m going to at least two more games this week, so if the Giants would like to consider winning those, too, that would be fantastic. Maybe some time I’ll even get to work on posting photos from some of the other games that the Giants didn’t win. Baseball photos are still fun, right? Right.

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