The Tour of California

Like it did two years ago, the Amgen Tour of California passed through town today. Even though I’ve taken photos (or attempted to) of the race before, I decided to check it out again. I always spend more time actually waiting for the cyclists to arrive than actually taking photos, but photographing a bunch of bicycles speeding by is always a fun challenge. This time my camera decided to throw up an error right as the peloton passed by (thanks, camera!), but I’m pretty happy with the photos I was able to get anyway.

On a related, but not really note, I’ve been editing photos recently with a trial of Totally Rad!’s RadLab. I’d been planning to spend some money to upgrade to Lightroom 4, but after using RadLab for a bit, I think I might spend that money on RadLab instead. I know I already own about a zillion different Photoshop actions, but RadLab does everything I can do with actions, in a much, much easier way. I have a couple more weeks left in my trial to decide, but it certainly is tempting.

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