Sing a Song

So my plans to draw and post something new every day for a year got a little derailed. However, since this is my blog and my little project, I’m allowed to alter the rules, right?  Right.  Now instead of aiming to draw and post 366 different drawings on 366 consecutive days, I’ll aim to have 366 different drawings under the “366 drawings” category on the ol’ blog.  Even if it takes me until 2014.  When I finish the project, there will be 366 different posts with 366 different drawings in them under that category.

(Although again, I reserve the right to change the rules as I see fit, because I can.)

To get myself back on track, I drew this tonight while watching American Idol. Yes, I still watch that show on occasion, although it’s nowhere near the “must see” TV it was for me during the earlier season. The last season that I think I watched religiously was probably when David Cook won. That season was awesome. Everything else since then? Meh.

I’ve skipped most of the early audition episodes (FOX really ought to consider cutting down on the number of audition episodes they show, because dragging that stuff on for weeks and weeks is incredibly dull), but I had to watch tonight, because it’s Hollywood Week!  With all of the behind the scenes drama and group songs. That’s honestly probably my favorite part of the show every season. I’m a sucker for that stuff. And so in honor of my favorite episode of every American Idol season, I drew a singer.

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