Pan Am

This afternoon as I watched football, I did a bunch of sketches of football players, fully intending to scan and color at least one for my daily drawing here. But then the 49ers lost in a quite painful manner, and when it came time to sit down and draw, I wasn’t really all that into football anymore. I do, however, want to thank the 49ers for the fun ride they took us all on this season. If you’d told, well, anyone at the start of the season that the 49ers would come thisclose to a trip to the Super Bowl this year, I don’t think they would have believed you.  I wouldn’t have believed you. It was fun watching them surprise everyone, including myself, this season. It was also really fun to watch the 49ers return to glory, so to speak. When I was a kid, it felt like the 49ers were always awesome. Sundays were all about watching the Niners, and if you didn’t watch the Niners, Sundays were excellent times to go grocery shopping, because you could have the store to yourself.  This year the 49ers reminded me, and everyone else it seemed, of that. It was fun. And it was a nice diversion on the weekends during this long, long baseball offseason. So, thanks, guys.  I look forward to following you again next season!

Instead of coloring one of my football sketches, I decided to draw a quick Pan Am stewardess. I appear to be, sadly, one of the few people left watching Pan Am, or maybe one of the few people who watched it to begin with. What can I say? I’m a sucker for shows that take place in a different time period. The costumes! The hair! The great potential the show had that it hasn’t quite lived up to! Even if the show has disappointed me a little bit, it’s still a pretty good way to spend an hour on Sunday nights at 10pm. I know the show only has a couple more new episodes left before it likely leaves the airwaves forever, but if ABC wants to surprise me and somehow give it a second life, I wouldn’t be disappointed at all. In the mean time, I’ll have to do some more sketches of the cool costumes from the show. They’re pretty fun.

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