Go Niners!

As you probably know if you’ve looked through my site or my blog, I’m more of a baseball person than a football person. I’ll watch football games, but I definitely don’t follow as closely as I do with baseball. I could probably go into some detailed explanation as to why this is, but I’ll spare you the rambling. The important thing is, I remember the awesome 49ers teams that played and won (a lot!) while I was growing up in the ’80s and ’90s. I’d watch the more recent (and pretty awful) 49ers teams and often wonder if they’d ever get back to their awesome winning ways. Like many Bay Area sports fans, I had hope when the 49ers hired Jim Harbaugh last winter, but I had no idea the 49ers’ turnaround would happen so soon.

Much like the Giants in 2010, the 49ers team has kind of surprised, well, everyone, and it’s been absolutely fun to watch. Today’s playoff game against the Saints had to be the most fun game of all. I suppose you could call me a “bandwagon” (have I mentioned that I kind of hate that term, especially after hearing it thrown around so much over the last couple of years?) football fan. Like I said earlier, I haven’t followed football as closely as I do baseball. You have to admit though that it would be hard not to jump on the 49ers bandwagon right now. This team, again much like the Giants in 2010, is just so likable and fun. When the talking heads on FOX’s pregame show picked the Saints to win today’s game easily, I had flashbacks to all of the experts saying, “Phillies in 5” in 2010. And when the 49ers pulled off that amazing, exciting win in the last couple minutes of today’s game? It was totally Juan Uribe hitting a home run in game 6 in Philadelphia.

So it’s only natural that I chose to draw something 49ers-related today. And when it came to picking a number for my drawing’s jersey, well, I had to go with good ol’ #11, Alex Smith. After so many years of struggling, there’s something kind of awesome about seeing him have a game like the one he had today.

Congratulations, 49ers! I may not be a football person, but like the rest of the Bay Area, I’ll be rooting for you next weekend. In the meantime, maybe I’ll watch some highlights from today’s game again. Gosh, that was fun.

Who’s got it better than us?


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