Since I got my handy dandy Wacom tablet a couple of weeks ago, I’ve been doing the majority of my digital painting with Photoshop CS4 (one experiment with Painter aside). Today I decided to give painting in Photoshop CS5 a go. LOVE. I think I’ve found my new favorite program to paint in. Where have you been all of my life, mixer brush? Of course now that I’ve said that, I ought to give Illustrator CS5’s new tools a try, too. Once I get tired of this painting thing, that is.

Now that I’m looking at the saved version of this file (the one you see above), I’m really not all that happy with how the nose turned out. I swear it was more pronounced and detailed in my original file, but of course that’s one of those things that could look perfectly fine to you while it bothers me, because I’m nitpicky about my work after staring at it for so long.

I had fun drawing that red hair though. I might have to come up with some more red headed characters to draw. Fun.

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