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Well, there are less than 30 minutes to go before midnight, so I figured if I’m going to attempt to keep up with this whole 366 drawings thing, I better post something, even if it’s unfinished. So here you have a partially finished digital painting of a ballet dancer. I sketched this in my Moleskine this afternoon, fully intending to scan it, import it into Illustrator like I always do and turn it into a vector illustration. But then as I looked at it, I decided to go for a second attempt at digital painting. (My first attempt being the “painting” I posted on the 1st, which was done in less than an hour and really isn’t my best work at all.)

This illustration isn’t anywhere close to being finished.  The ballerina, for example, has no hands or legs or feet, which is a problem if, you know, you’re a dancer, and I haven’t cleaned up the edges of her hair, and I have a feeling that I could spend hours and hours messing with the shadows and lighting on her face, but so far, I’m happy with what I’ve got. After drawing nothing but vectors in Illustrator for so many years, it feels weird to not be drawing using the pen tool, but at the same time, I love it. I always did enjoy painting, and now I can “paint” without having to spend lots of money on canvases. Not to mention it’s fun seeing the types of characters that I usually draw in vector form in a more painterly style. I definitely plan to finish this illustration (I can’t have a ballet dancer without hands and legs and feet) and to try others in this style.

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