Fun with Film

As you probably know if you’ve poked around my website and blog, baseball is one of my favorite subjects to photograph. I tend to bring the same gear to every game I go to, usually a telephoto lens of sorts (I rented Canon’s 70-300mm L lens a couple of times this last season and really enjoyed using it) along with a wide angle or fisheye lens, because those wide stadium shots are pretty nifty. Once in awhile though I like to mix things up. Since black and white film is pretty quick and easy to develop myself, I like to play around with it, usually using my Holga. A couple of months ago, I picked up a Diana Mini and decided it would be fun to take to a baseball game. I ended up bringing it to the last two Giants home games of the year. I finally got around to developing and scanning the film a couple of weeks ago.

I kind of love the dreamy retro feel the Diana Mini gives photos. I look forward to playing with it a little more, especially now that I have a fresh bottle of HC110 to develop with.

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