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Just as a general FYI, I’ve got big plans (grand plans!) to tinker with this blog over the next few days. I just upgraded to version 4 of ProPhoto, and it’s pretty snazzy. I haven’t even really had time to check out all of the new features, but they do look fancy. With the upgrade, I thought I’d change up the look of the blog as well. Once upon a time, I used to keep a personal blog that I’d update pretty much every day. My favorite part of having a blog like that was changing the layout, usually every month or two to suit whatever season it was.  It was fun.  It was also how I kind of fell into making computerized illustrations, so I suppose having a personal blog full of teenage-type angst was a good thing!

So yes, I’m planning to switch things up here and give the blog a face lift. If I’m really ambitious, I might give my entire website a face lift. So there may be moments over the next few days where this blog is either down or looks a little funky. Rest assured, I’ll do my best to get it back up and working as it should as soon as I can, and hopefully when I do, it will have a nifty new look to it as well. I’m excited. I even downloaded way too many new fonts for the occasion. Is anyone as hooked on fonts as I am? I feel this overwhelming need to collect as many as possible, because they’re all so fun and pretty, even if I never use them all. One can never have too many retro script fonts. At least I can’t.

And because blog posts are much more fun when they have pictures in them, here’s a completely unrelated photo of Pablo Sandoval:

I took it after the last Giants game of the season. It was kind of one of those bittersweet games, being the end of the baseball season, as well as the end of a season that didn’t turn out quite the way everyone had hoped it would, but it was fun to see Sandoval having a good ol’ time interacting with fans as he tossed baseballs into the stands. I’m enjoying watching the postseason, because most of the games so far have been close and exciting, but I really miss watching this guy play. He’s so much fun to watch.

Until next time!

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