Baker Beach

On Thursday afternoon, just before it started to rain.

On a semi-related note, I’ve been shooting recently with a Canon 24-70mm lens.  I’ve always read lots and lots of great things about this lens, but I wasn’t sure how much I, personally, would use it.  I always tended to like to shoot either at the wide end (or ultra wide or super fisheye ultra wide) or the telephoto end (hello, super telephoto lens that gives me sore arms the day after I lug it around), but after using this lens for myself, I can honestly say that it is just as awesome as everyone says it is.  And maybe, quite possibly, the reason why I never shot much in the 24-70mm range is because I never actually had a lens that fit into that category.  Maybe.

In closing, Baker Beach is pretty, the Golden Gate Bridge always looks good, even in the rain, and Canon’s 24-70mm lens is the bee’s knees.

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